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Hello again, fandom!

As you may or may not recall, last January I put out this call for help:

Help me with my meta Mary Sue series! )The call was answered and in an awesome way, but then tragedy struck.  My secondary author got in one really fan-bloody-tastic chapter and had to pull out for personal reasons.  So, I am asking again - is there anyone who is willing to step up, and take the amazing two chapters I was provided with and run with it?  Once more, the previous parts of the story (and resources) are here:

Slipstream II: Quick To Say Yes

Navigating the Slipstream (essay)
The Annotated Mary Sue Checklist

This story (tentatively titled "Slipstream: Atlantian Interlude") will be third in the series, to be followed up by the forth and final story where secondary authors are invited to write any chapter they like about any fandom.

The timeline is flexible but I would love to have the complete story by the end of August- and hey, chapter one  and two are already done for you!

I look forward to hearing from someone!