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Summer's Steamy End

Well Ladies and Gents, that's it for another Summer of Steam!

Some of us met our goals, some got some great chapters and arts out and some of us (*tugs at collar*) are just a wee bit behind... (I'm working on it right now, really!!).

I just wanted to thank everyone who participated and commented.  There were some really spectacular Steams out there, and I look forward to seeing new chapters go up over the next few months.

Alas, as the summer has ended, I'm afraid so too must my stint as moderator and maintainer of the Summer Steam Challenge Community.  Real life as reared it's essay covered head, and I've been neglecting the comm far too much.  Therefore, I'm ready to accept bids or applications to take over as the next mod.  It's really quite an easy job - the skeleton for the challenge is in place, all you as a mod have to do is choose the challenge theme, put up plots, moderate the claims, and poke forgetful creators (*erm*) into posting.



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