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Hello again, fandom!

As you may or may not recall, last January I put out this call for help:

Help me with my meta Mary Sue series! )The call was answered and in an awesome way, but then tragedy struck.  My secondary author got in one really fan-bloody-tastic chapter and had to pull out for personal reasons.  So, I am asking again - is there anyone who is willing to step up, and take the amazing two chapters I was provided with and run with it?  Once more, the previous parts of the story (and resources) are here:

Slipstream II: Quick To Say Yes

Navigating the Slipstream (essay)
The Annotated Mary Sue Checklist

This story (tentatively titled "Slipstream: Atlantian Interlude") will be third in the series, to be followed up by the forth and final story where secondary authors are invited to write any chapter they like about any fandom.

The timeline is flexible but I would love to have the complete story by the end of August- and hey, chapter one  and two are already done for you!

I look forward to hearing from someone!

Survey on Mary Sues

I'm starting out small and posting this here, but if you wouldn't mid crossposting this to whatever LJs or communities, listserves and mailing lists that you feel ought to have yoru attention brought to this, I would really appreciate it.  Thank you!

This is a series of questions for my Master's Thesis, titled "Water-Logged Mona Lisa: Who Is Mary Sue and Why Do We Need Her?"  I would really appreciate it if you could answer them.

The disclaimer and questions are here.

Plot L: Love Actually

Title: Love Actually
Author: x_disturbed_x
Word Count: Unfinished
Genre: Romance/Drama
Fandom: Original
Summary: It's the Christmas season and for a group of people connected in some way or another life is about to get a lot more interesting and complicated.
Author’s Notes: This is Chapter One. I have Chapter two all typed up and Betaed. I'll post it sometime tomorrow or later tonight. Oh and a big thanks to my beta!

Chapter OneCollapse )

Summer's Steamy End

Well Ladies and Gents, that's it for another Summer of Steam!

Some of us met our goals, some got some great chapters and arts out and some of us (*tugs at collar*) are just a wee bit behind... (I'm working on it right now, really!!).

I just wanted to thank everyone who participated and commented.  There were some really spectacular Steams out there, and I look forward to seeing new chapters go up over the next few months.

Alas, as the summer has ended, I'm afraid so too must my stint as moderator and maintainer of the Summer Steam Challenge Community.  Real life as reared it's essay covered head, and I've been neglecting the comm far too much.  Therefore, I'm ready to accept bids or applications to take over as the next mod.  It's really quite an easy job - the skeleton for the challenge is in place, all you as a mod have to do is choose the challenge theme, put up plots, moderate the claims, and poke forgetful creators (*erm*) into posting.


Some like it Cool (McShep)


The first post didn't go so well, so here is a second one that should go much, much better, I hope.
Author: MYSTIC

Word Count: 43,583

Rating: R

Pairings: McKay/Sheppard

Category: AU, First Time, Humor, Friendship

Season/Episode: None

Spoilers: None

Status: Complete

Summary: John and his friend Ford are a couple of musicians that witness a mob hit on Valentines Day and need to get out of Chicago quick. Sadly the only way out is in a dress with an all girls band. John thinks the gig will not only get him out of hot water, but land him the lead singer, who is looking for a sexy millionaire…he really should know better. 
(Link to story here)

Original, "Xanadu"

Title: Xanadu
Author: shiegra
Approx Word Count: 3214
Genre: Fantasy/Smut
Fandom (if any): Original
Summary: A muse does their best to inspire.
A/N: A little rushed, sorry. I'll probably turn this into a multi-chapter at some point, but not now.

Read more...Collapse )

Roaming Holiday, PG

Title: Roaming Holiday

Author: [info]Goddess47

Rating: PG, for a couple of swears

Warnings/Spoilers: None - total AU

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Length: 9500 words

Summary: For the [info]SummerSteam Challenge, Plot R

The prompt: Roman Holiday - A princess on the run from her duties, out for a single night of fun in historic and beautiful Rome; a news reporter so desperate for a story that he's willing to take advantage of her naivety; and the forbidden romance that blooms between them and cannot be acted upon, at any cost.

Roaming Holiday

Plot Q

Title: Everything Changes
Author: enkanowen
Prompt: Q – Quin Cheng ze lian: A cynical playboy pursues an introverted divorcee in the decadent Hong Kong on the eve of the Japanese invasion.
Word Count: 3,108
Genre: Cathartic Smut
Fandom: Torchwood
Summary: After 'The Date', Ianto copes and Jack comforts.
Author’s Notes: One shot, Jack/Ianto. Set not a week after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Follow the fake cut!


Summer Steam Harlequin Challenge

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